A New York City Wedding

Kaitlyn & Joe’s Wedding @ Cedar Lake Dance Theater in New York, NY
January 25, 2014

Our friend and colleague Kaitlyn Johnson of JPO Concepts contacted us when she found her dream wedding space, the Cedar Lake Dance Theater. Anthony and Chris set up a meeting with her to check out the unique space. Cedar Lake was filled with character and over the months leading up to the big day they worked together to execute the vision that Kaitlyn had. We came away thrilled with the results.

The ceremony and reception were taking place in the same space, Kaitlyn and Joe wanted the lighting to create the transitions for the evening. Spotlights on our all-white staging during the ceremony, followed by ambient lighting during the cocktail portion changed the dynamics of the room in moments. During dance sets, the automated lighting took over and ket the party going long into the night.

Check out the images below to see the transformation of Cedar Lake.

Services Provided: (16) Source 4 Lights, (8) Automated Moving Head Lights, Custom Gobos, (16) Wireless LED Uplights, Carpeted White Platform Stages, Lucite Podium, Black Pipe-And-Drape